Monday, February 28, 2011

inside bleak

i wasn’t able to
get much as far as
photos go at the
opening night and being
that i only brought my phone
the quality is pretty terrible,
but here’s the few i was able to grab.
The show was massive
and truly exceptional.
clare has journeyed
into a realm of abstraction
and clarity that deepens the
narrative of her characters to
nearly audible levels.
even within the din of the opening scene
(it really was like a hollywood
installation encased within the show)
the monotony of domestic life
peppered with moments of
ease joy loss and loneliness
we all experience are
hauntingly recognizable.
for me the best moment of
the evening was when clare’s
folk singing self peggy honeywell
had us all
(art world elite, models,
bev hills gals in 6 inch stilettos
big hair and furs
mullet wearing hipsters
and me in my birth control glasses)
sitting on the floor to
quietly watch the lovely performance.





really my photo don’t
come near doing the work justice
(bordering on insulting)…
if you can go see the show for yourself, please do so.

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