Friday, December 25, 2009

tidings of comfort and joy

my first christmas...8 months old
and walking. my poor parents

not sure what
the snoopy puppet
is about
i'm sure i loved it though
snoopy is still my love

never noticed that it was
the same santa every year
with the same set
minus the awesome
blow up santa in the background
mustn't've much of a budget
poor santa looks exhausted
but i love his use of props

my favorite
holiday card

Tuesday, December 22, 2009

more basel

few more
photos from

this cute
little sad

shameless part 2

finally got around to
developing some of my film...

The handsome
Nick Egan
and son

fuzzy Katsuo Design and Juan Mas

Mr. Paul Hastings
doesn't have black holes
where his eyes should be
i swear.

Lovely Hannah
and Costa the cuteness

Saturday, December 19, 2009

firecracker finale

still can't quite
believe that this is the end...
after eleven years.
Thanks for all the memories &
all the love

the bff's
who ceaselessly
put up with my antics
thanks guys

my wifey...sorry charlie

somehow I missed getting
photos of most of you
if you have some please send them
on to me.

love you all forever.

Friday, December 18, 2009

shameless, nameless & recycled

Last Friday night
The Pop Gallery debuted
a brilliant charity show
from a mindboggling list of artists.
Everything was shown anonymously
and went for 100$.
Brilliant non?

the hubbyo's piece

the brains Mr. Jaun Mas

my p.i.c. aka Misato Suzuki
aka a little painter
and her gloriously furry shoulders

some of my favorite blokes

my Golden compadre
Holy d
taking over

umm...this is me...relieved from the turntables

andrew neuhues and his dapper friend who's name escapes me

Mr.'s Michael Coleman and Leon respectively
and a lovely lady who's name I've also forgotten

don't know, but I loved his smile so
I had to take his photo

cutest couple goes to
Sarah and Hersh

my 100$ contribution
yes I know it was
anonymous, but come on
of course I knew who's work
this is...

The show is ongoing until January 10th

here's the artist list

Participating artists include: Joshua Adams, Doug Aitken, Roman Alonso, Rachel Ashwell, Marc Atlan, Amy Balkin, Hershel Baltrotsky, Kevin Beasley, Emily Berger, Daniel Bernauer, Louise Bonnet, Jef Bourgeau, Davin Brainard, Jamie Brisick, Steven Brown, Deanne Cheuk, Tofer Chin, Sarah Christoph, Destin Clover, Denise Gonzales Crisp, Jérôme Curchod, Jeremy Deputat, Julia Dittberner, Nick Egan, Stephen Eichorn, Jessica Erickson, Kevin Ewing, Kyle Field, J. Bennett Fitts, Jane Weatherford Fitts, Frohawk Two-Feathers, Ali Gallagher, Christopher Glancy, Ethan Greenbaum, Chris Griffith, Mary Addison Hackett, Jim Harrington, Steve Harrington , Alexis Hartman, Ethan Hill, Ryan Hitzel, Yuka Hollingsworth, Andrea Hornick, Steven Johanknecht, Katsuo Design, Benjamin Klevay, Rick Klotz, Scooter LaForge, Amanda Lawrence, Jenny Lé, Calvin Lee, Atherton Lin, Staci MacKenzie, Juan Mas, Jeffrey Mathews, Geoff McFetridge, Juan Mas, Campbell Milligan, Becca Moon, Monica Morant, Maria Moyer, Andrew Neuhues, Ace Norton, Mike Pare, Dane Peterson, Sally Peterson, Mike Piscitelli, David Rager, Jon Rose, Danuta Rothschild, Sharon Ryba , Brooks Salzwedel, Chris Samuels, Mark Sangbusch, Kristofferson SanPablo, Michael Seiler, Zen Sekizawa, Pam Shamshiri, Adam Silverman, Topher Sinkinson, Anabel Sinn, Ryan Jacob Smith, Verity Smith, Cara Snyder, Matt Sohl, Erika Somogyi, Misato Suzuki, Marilee Sweeney, Comora Tolliver, Tryharder, Mia Uchida, Maggie Ward, Rory Wilson, Ade Wood, Florencio Zavala

*yes I lifted the photos
from the Pop Gallery site,
but in my defense...
I took most of these :)
and if I didn't the hubbyo did

Tuesday, December 15, 2009

Thursday, December 10, 2009

within your own space

the hubbyo's latest show...
loads of sweet friends
and me with an outrageous fever
playing records


we met this little doll
his name is tetu
he was once in Vogue...
but of course he was

i think he liked me.

dollymop pop

Tuesday, December 8, 2009

basel expedition

a quick week in Miami
for Art Basel...

lance armstrong x nike stages
all my photos turned out blurry

some artwork that wasn't blurry...

judith supine

aj fosik

maya hayuk

don't understand how
this is standing...

chris burden

john baldessari

ribs so good you'll slap your mama

and home again.

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