Tuesday, December 8, 2009

basel expedition

a quick week in Miami
for Art Basel...

lance armstrong x nike stages
all my photos turned out blurry

some artwork that wasn't blurry...

judith supine

aj fosik

maya hayuk

don't understand how
this is standing...

chris burden

john baldessari

ribs so good you'll slap your mama

and home again.


kime said...

ha ha, so funny you have that lady in your post! me and amber hung out with her so much last year. I have a crazy video of her telling us a love story. She told marsea she looked like a stuffed sausage in her dress. ouch xo

thebelljarbird said...

she was one of the best parts of the week. so beyond hilarious...i wish i could have witnessed the stuffed sausage comment. i have to see that video! she was going crazy to have her photo taken with this, um lady. she is too much.

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