Tuesday, March 31, 2009

ancient history

while i was cleaning up and out
i came across
these old photos.
they are from
2002 to 2004
old show pony

fun to see
for me
at least

in the tiny photos on the left
the flannel dress is from the beginning
of my days working with Kime Buzzelli
from a Paper mag installation
the bottom tiny photos
are from a project we
did for nike
they sent us a box
filled with athletic clothing
we had 24 hours
to create that dress

the rest are from
our final collection

(click on photos to see bigger)

blast from the past

photos taken by the super talented jeaneen lund

Monday, March 30, 2009

make me lose my mind

these gorgeous up-dos at Luisa Beccaria
perfect and yet slightly...not

above could be a wedding dress inspiration contender as well

umm. yeah
check out the back

the dresses are exquisite as well

all photos Marcio Madeira from style.com


i've begun serious consideration...
wedding dresses


any thoughts?

coming in late

as always...

I need to weigh in on fall 09 rtw
not so much on the oh so lauded collections...
we've heard it all
But, for me there was much more


This gorgeous use of color

and these sleeves!


the cocooning drape
and sleeves on this coat

and here

a sheer gathered panel
with a graduated flounce in ruby

more sheer and shiny

architectural hippie at Antonio Berardi

Bruno Pieters

is always inspiring
this collection he has
added careful origami folding
and subtle layers of texture
to his breathtaking structure

Talitha Getty worthy prints at Etro


always speaks for itself

(and this deep red yarn
looks to be the same as
my current weaving project)


Yigal Azrouƫl

all photos Marcio Madeira from style.com

Saturday, March 28, 2009

bird announced land

just saw this over at the darling misochang
it is the cuteness

Thursday, March 26, 2009

if only

if only Eley Kishimoto had done a collaboration with Eastpak in my youth...

but then again...i doubt i would have been as apt to draw all over and destroy it.

saturday night

will be going here...

Clare Rojas, Andrew Jeffrey Wright, and Lydia Fong

Opening reception Saturday, March 28,
7 to 10pm
Musical performance by Peggy Honeywell and comedic act by Andrew Jeffrey Wright

Clare Rojas:
San Francisco painter, singer, and filmmaker Clare E.Rojas is not a folk artist. In Clare Rojas' works, women, men, nature and animals are strong and weak caring and connected to one another in their struggle to find harmony and balance. She celebrates women for their traditional and most basic differences and strengths. While the characters are often imbued with feelings of loss and nostalgia, one gets the sense that they will not back down. They will ultimately beat their predators at their own game.

Rojas's appropriation of folk imagery addresses contemporary female social concerns "The feeling of loss in my work, is my feeling of loss of hope. The struggle to find the good and the beautiful and represent it is my challenge. Understanding the ugliness that finds its way into our culture is crucial." Rojas's beautiful uses of allegory and of an imagined cultural landscape in her paintings act to subvert our current accepted perceptions of women. It allows the spectator an engagement with an alternate evocative world that is both funny and sad and that points to the complexities of being a resilient female in the twenty-first century. Rojas often depicts women alone, standing amid a flattened forest landscape, but this is not to suggest that they are lonely. No, Rojas's women exist in their own reality, feeling peaceful, protected, and quiet.

Selected exhibitions include a group exhibition with the Luggage Store, San Francisco in 2003 for which she won a Louis Comfort Tiffany award. In 2004 Rojas had a solo show at the San Francisco Art Institute and at the Belkin Satellite Gallery in Vancouver. Her work was included in the travelling exhibition, Beautiful Losers. She has exhibited at the CCA Wattis Institute for Contemporary Arts, and was most recently a featured artist at the Prospect.1 New Orleans Biennial.

*Partial Text Credit to : Dietch Projects, and Katie Geha Curator of Modern and Contemporary Art.

Andrew Jeffrey Wright:
Andrew Jeffrey Wright is a current and founding member of Philadelphia's Space 1026 art commune. He has a BFA in Animation. The collaborative animation "the manipulators", which he made with Clare E. Rojas, has won the top prize for animation at the New York Underground Film Festival and the New York Comedy Film Festival. Wright's highly limited edition handmade books have gained an international following. His works include painting, animation, drawing, collage, photography, sculpture, video, installation, screen printing and performance. He has shown at Lizabeth Oliveria(LA), New Image Art(LA), Spector(Philadelphia), The Luggage Store(San Francisco), Lump(Raliegh), The Pennsylvania Academy of Fine Arts(Philadelphia), ICA(Philadelphia), Giant Robot NY(NYC) The Corcoran(DC) and Foundation Cartier(Paris). He has shown with Barry McGee, Paper Rad, Leif Goldberg, Clare E. Rojas, Marcel Dzama and Michael Dumontier.

Lydia Fong:
Lydia Fong is a multi-disciplinary artist from Shanghai.

at New Image Art

and to the closing of this

Shooting Blanks is Gina Osterloh’s debut Los Angeles solo exhibition as her photographs continue to deftly combine elements of sculpture, performance, and painting.

at Chung King Projects

because sadly, i missed the opening...

perfect casting

i cannot wait to see this......!

Monday, March 23, 2009

morro bay

Shortly after we arrived home from Japan, we jumped in the car with some friends and went on a camping trip up to Morro Bay.


This past September when we went to Tokyo for Yusuke's show, we took a little side trip & visited our friends in Kyushu.
We spent most of the time soaking at various onsen, eating and enjoying our friend's company. (they have an amazing cafe and work space that they built high up in the mountains, but more on that later)
My words fail when attempting to describe Kyushu's beauty, so here we go...

I have many more photos of our trip into Beppu and around Handa kogen, but I have to find time to prepare them...

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