Sunday, March 22, 2009

deep blues

The art work of Bill Traylor is positively haunting.
Personally, I find it is the volatility of life captured within his paintings, more so than the sublime intensity of his use of color or geometry of configuration. The horror, as well as the excitement and beauty of living. Even, in the most harrowing of darkness.

A little background...
Bill Traylor was born into slavery in Alabama on April 1st, 1854.
After the end of the Civil War, and his subsequent freedom, he continued to live on the plantation until the age of 82. Then, he just decided to up and move to the city of Montgomery.
It was here on Monroe street, sitting on a stoop with a piece of wood as his table, he created some 1500 paintings in three years.

Inspiring no?

Get to it :)

all photos by Charles Shannon
taken from the amazing book Deep Blues

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