Monday, January 31, 2011

Arms Out

my sweet friend
mel kadel
has a solo show
at merry karnowsky
170 s la brea ave
this saturday feb 5th

the depth of
mel's work
is so touching
it creates space
to feel emotionally
vulnerable...not an easy
feat with pens and paper

i so wish i could be at this show

from the
press release:

With a technique some have called “drawing with an eyelash,” Kadel has created a visual narrative that communicates interconnectedness, balance, and the idea that we are all part of a system whether recognized or not. Inertia is an important part of what propels the work, and whether standing idle, entwined, or reaching up, or outward – what Aristotle said is true – the whole is indeed greater than the sum of its parts. In Kadel’s world characters embark on wondrous adventures, face absurd obstacles, and complete daunting tasks within their lush, imaginative world. Undaunted by gravity, they push, pull, climb, and reach to arrive at their veiled destination.

a soft hoodwink of shadows

playing inside
my mind for days
and then i received
a message from a
dear old friend...
feeling nostalgic
what fun we had then.

Sunday, January 30, 2011

super touch

i had my
first outing
we went to
the rite aid
for waxing strips
so nothing very
exciting to tell
(besides i had
an outing that
didn't involve the

i was able to
wear my e. porselli flats
(ignore the awesome 90's tattoo)
and my ann demeulemeester trousers
now i am very, very tired.
good night

jay nelson

the previous project
reminded me
jay nelson's
graceful work

images nicked
from triple base gallery

Saturday, January 29, 2011

suzanne husky

suzanne husky's work
is entirely enchanting

over the past few months
her residency at the dump
has seen her drawings from
her 2010
san francisco art commission
sleeper cell
come to life

a time lapse video of
her work in progress

Suzanne Husky

Suzanne Husky

Suzanne Husky

Suzanne Husky

Suzanne Husky

Suzanne Husky

don't you want to
climb inside and make
a little nest.

images from her 2010

her residency ends

(top images and video
belong to recology sf
bottom images are from
suzanne husky's website)

when are you gonna say go

ralph arlyck's acclaimed documentary
of his 4 year old neighbor
in Haight Ashbury 1969

here's a bit of his
follow up documentary
on the modern life of sean farrell
aptly entitled following sean

Friday, January 28, 2011

fueled by desire

love this video
Tarik Saleh directed
for the new lykke li
video...Fares Fares
doesn't hurt either

not so crazy about
the song, but i'd
happily take those
boots she kicks off

future beauty

my friend
told me of the
Future Beauty:
30 years of Japanese Fashion
show at Barbican Gallery
if you are in London
it runs until
February 6th
and it is the first show
of it's kind in Europe
to comprehensively survey
avant-garde Japanese fashion,
from the early 1980s to the present.
The show features work from the masters
to the new garde
Rei Kawakubo,Issey Miyake, Yoshi Yamamoto,
Junya Watanable, Jun Takahashi (undercover),
Tao Kurihara, Fumito Ganryu,
Matohu, Akira Naka, Mina Perhonen and Mintdesigns.

my mind is blown just thinking
about it.

here are some photos from dezeen

also if you are in london
izzie has some amazing
limited edition
valentine's cards available
over at Darkroom
if you aren't familiar with her
work check out her site
she's a serious talent

Tuesday, January 18, 2011

before it's over

go to see
francesca woodman
at victoria miro
before it ends
22 january

she is the
reason i
ever needed
to document
my life

be inspired

from her various

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