Monday, January 31, 2011

Arms Out

my sweet friend
mel kadel
has a solo show
at merry karnowsky
170 s la brea ave
this saturday feb 5th

the depth of
mel's work
is so touching
it creates space
to feel emotionally
vulnerable...not an easy
feat with pens and paper

i so wish i could be at this show

from the
press release:

With a technique some have called “drawing with an eyelash,” Kadel has created a visual narrative that communicates interconnectedness, balance, and the idea that we are all part of a system whether recognized or not. Inertia is an important part of what propels the work, and whether standing idle, entwined, or reaching up, or outward – what Aristotle said is true – the whole is indeed greater than the sum of its parts. In Kadel’s world characters embark on wondrous adventures, face absurd obstacles, and complete daunting tasks within their lush, imaginative world. Undaunted by gravity, they push, pull, climb, and reach to arrive at their veiled destination.

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