Friday, January 28, 2011

future beauty

my friend
told me of the
Future Beauty:
30 years of Japanese Fashion
show at Barbican Gallery
if you are in London
it runs until
February 6th
and it is the first show
of it's kind in Europe
to comprehensively survey
avant-garde Japanese fashion,
from the early 1980s to the present.
The show features work from the masters
to the new garde
Rei Kawakubo,Issey Miyake, Yoshi Yamamoto,
Junya Watanable, Jun Takahashi (undercover),
Tao Kurihara, Fumito Ganryu,
Matohu, Akira Naka, Mina Perhonen and Mintdesigns.

my mind is blown just thinking
about it.

here are some photos from dezeen

also if you are in london
izzie has some amazing
limited edition
valentine's cards available
over at Darkroom
if you aren't familiar with her
work check out her site
she's a serious talent

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