Saturday, May 30, 2009

les enfants du paradis

containing one of my
all time favorite actors
the beautiful
Jean-Louis Barrault
as well as
supreme moments in
j'adore les enfants du paradis...

my cinematic fashion idol

Wednesday, May 27, 2009

disappearing act

just happened upon
a neckface mural
drowing in off white paint

Friday, May 22, 2009

so so so


deadlines deadlines
new artists to scout
for a new woman's line


soon soon soon.

i will update

for now...
the things i have lost on ebay recently
woe is me :)

Tuesday, May 19, 2009

New Agglomeration Design Proposal, China by Jorge Ayala

In the last century, cities have become the most frequented environment for humankind, concentrating both wealth, poverty, decision making process and acting both as a machine to channel a constantly growing global capitalism but also hosting the last remaining structures of political power to balance it.

Jorge Ayala’s proposal for a new agglomeration in China seek to develop an strategy that embraces the overall site, a 27 square kilometre island in the Pearl River Delta, including its natural energies such as tidal variation, local mangroves reserve and seasonal rainfall.

Credit images: © Jorge Ayala

Jorge Ayala is based between Paris and London (RIBA Part 3 eligible) currently working at Plasma Studio on projects within China.


Thursday, May 14, 2009

it never gets old

of course

Sister Corita can't be
mentioned without
thinking of Miss Busy Being
Amber Abramson...
the constant champion of
keeping Corita's artwork
and message out in the world.

she recently updated her shop
with new amazing goodness...

my brother

& sister corita
always makes me
think of my man
ben loiz
and flea market fun

this was a super fun day

on top of being
fabulously talented
he is the most charming, beautiful person.

yes sister

Lisa's work
reminds me very much
of the prodigious
Sister Corita Kent

By the 1960s, she was using popular culture (such as song lyrics and advertising slogans) as raw material for her meaning-filled bursts of text and color.

Corita’s cries for peace in the era of Vietnam were not always welcome. In 1965 her "Peace on Earth" Christmas exhibit in IBM’s New York show room was seen as too subversive and Corita had to amend it.
However, her work continued to be an outlet for Corita’s activism—in her words:
"I am not brave enough to not pay my income tax and risk going to jail. But I can say rather freely what I want to say with my art."

i love you no matter what

Renaissance lady Lisa Levine
just launched a new home
for her artwork, jewelry & love...

I am totally in love
with her soft bright colors
and simple brush strokes


is having a sale

to which
my bank account
gives a belly laugh


is just too cool

Pop’Africana is the pioneering voice redirecting, continental thinking and global opinion of the African. A robust and educative guide, re-introducing, re-defining and inspiring all aspects of “Art Africano”. Serving as more than a cultural report, the all-inclusive perspective, will educate the globe on African ideas of style and beauty. Pop' Africana is the standard for iconic individualism

Wednesday, May 13, 2009

raise your flag

I've been mildly obsessed with
fante asafo flags...
the combination
of applique, embroidery
and silent storytelling.

also that distinct line between

the flag in action

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