Monday, May 4, 2009

uh oh retrograde

Sometimes the arrival of the monthly Moon-Saturn union in the sky (12:09AM PDT) can sow seeds of self-doubt and temporarily manufacture guilt feelings. However, it is far better to utilize this alignment as a springboard toward learning more from your most admired mentors and teachers. Helping you stay upbeat and optimistic this morning is a Moon-Venus parallel (1:57AM PDT) and mentally-stimulating Sun-Pallas 60-degree rapport (7:31AM PDT). This latter aspect doubles as a catalyst for brainstorming, strategy sessions and problem solving. Meanwhile, the red planet could be stirring up emotional tensions since Mars is making an abrasive, 45-degree contact with giant Jupiter (10:40AM PDT). Don't sign legal contracts or make important agreements around this time. If you are beginning to feel a bit sluggish or worried and don't know why, this may be due to the upcoming retrograde shift by Mercury late on Wednesday night May 6. Mercury - the normally fleet-footed Messenger of the Gods - is slowing down in its daily speed right now and will spend nearly 24 days in reverse in early Gemini and late Taurus. Anticipate some surprises or shock waves around the time when the Moon opposes Uranus (6:32PM PDT). However, this somewhat challenging alignment also begins a void lunar cycle that lasts until 2:52AM PDT tomorrow and the arrival of airy Libra Moon. Use the void-of-course evening hours under Virgo Moon to continue some of your epic clean-up endeavors and to finish old business on a high note.

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