Monday, July 25, 2011

miss kiki

my sweetest friend
and love of my life
was recently diagnosed
with stage 1 lymphoma

she will be 14 and a half
soon and although we all knew this
time was approaching in some form or another
it didn't really soften the blow
when we received the news

we have decided to forgo any sort of aggressive treatment
and instead are opting for a more natural approach
with massage, herbs and supplements to keep her as comfortable
as possible in the time she has remaining

last week we ventured over to see a set of doctors
at a natural rehab center in santa monica
who kindly informed us they could treat her with
acupuncture and water therapy if we could pony up
nearly three thousand dollars for two months of treament...
oh los angeles sometimes you are just too much

if anyone has leads on
a canine chiropractor
or acupuncturist on the east side
(that is somewhat reasonable)
we would love to know them.






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