Wednesday, August 31, 2011

chantal young

after my
less than stellar
experience in my
printmaking class
i was hyped to
see the work of
chantal young
(thanks izzie)
she is a milano based artist
and clothing designer
working much in the
way i was envisioning
being about to work
in said class...
little did i know
the instructor
is strangely anti textile design

love her simple color palate
and integration of neon pink






Ester DurĂ£es said...

wow great shirts! I specially like the 2nd and the 3rd, thanks for sharing!

chantal young said...

...Thanks for including my work on your killer's a beautiful and wonderous thing! Chantal.

thebelljarbird said...

@Ester amazing aren't they!

@chantal Thank you! for making such beautiful, inspiring pieces. You are a woman after my own heart. Are you selling these pieces anywhere? I'd love to support. <3

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