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Jorge Ayala

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Jorge Ayala
was born in Mexico City.

Jorge Ayala has started a research of new materials for the city with regards on performance and functionality. His proposal generated a rich base of indexes which traduce environmental, topographical and geographical parameters into a material ready to be use for the design.
An urban model –a mesh- was developed, able to control simultaneously the site on its wholeness, and to shift from one scale to another: from landscape and urbanism scales, to the architectural one.

Jorge combines his knowledge of Architecture, Landscape and Urbanism to develop projects with a particular interest in the design per se. He manufactures lifelike physical models, using proliferated meshes, fluid dynamics, topographical manipulations and adaptations towards spatial detailed proposals based on the analysis and diagnosis of a given site.

He received a Degree in Architecture from the School of Architecture Val de Seine (DPLG Diploma) in Paris in 2007 and a Masters Degree of the emerging discipline Landscape Urbanism from the prestigious Architectural Association School in London in 2008.

In 2007 he participated in the 7th International Biennale of Architecture in São Paulo, Brazil, and in the 2nd International Biennale of Architecture and Urbanism of Hong Kong - Shenzhen in China. His work has been exhibited in France, Spain and the United Kingdom.

Credit images: © Jorge Ayala

Jorge Ayala is based between Paris and London (RIBA Part 3 eligible) currently working at Plasma Studio on projects within China.


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