Thursday, January 21, 2010

don't believe what they tell you

it would be
an understatement
to say i am
obsessed with
textiles and fiber arts
as well as
liberty prints
(it would be
an understatement
to say i'm obsessed
the february issue
of so-en
made me
spontaneously combust
the entire mag
is dedicated to
japanese textiles
from mina perhonen
to chihiro tanaka's
sublime fiber art lights
with a special
feature on the liberty...

obsession list:

swatches of
textile history
from mina perhonen ~check

pony hair top hat ~ check
border stripes galore~ check

way over the top headpiece
opera gloves and
layers of useless ruffles
~check check check

tsumori chisato
with border stripes plus
liberty print tights

issey miyake.

from start to

swoon worthy
cherir la femme
franche lippee

chihiro tanaka
beautiful fuzzy
light couture

and for
liberty print

okay. enough.
i can't scan
the entire
if you happen
to see a copy
pick it up!

*yes keep laughing little brother

japanese textile photos
photographs: midori tsunoda
styling: kayo yoshida

liberty photos
photographs: masanori akao
styling: miki aizawa

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