Thursday, February 5, 2009

birds flying high you know how i feel

well, i'm not feeling quite as good as the high priestess.
but...i am feeling a bit more alive.
and as such...let's look at some handmade houses
shall we...

starting with this pretty treehouse

and this hexagonal cabin

equipped with a wheel of light

& the pièce de résistance
a spiral staircase leading to a

i really love the walkway & modern shape of this house
with the caption
a tall girl builds a tall house

of course, i must end with my favorite...
the teepee
my mother's family is blackfoot descendant
and i remember when i was a little girl
my older cousin's family
lived in a tee pee
i thought it was the most wonderful thing in the world

now get those hands out and go make something!

i'm going back to the drawing board...literally
gotta a project due next teusday...
photos from the book woodstock handmade houses

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